Class Meeting 2

This class meeting focused more on trying to set up this darn blog! Only it didn’t want to work in class! I think I’ve gotten it all figured out now though thanks to my copious note taking. I am a note taker. I subscribe to the theory that if you write it and re-write it again your brain is more likely to remember it. I’m sure that it’s correct as evidenced by my GPA.

I have already noticed that there are those that talk in class and those that do not really participate, though I am unsure as to why exactly that is, and I have also been able to relate this to how close a student is sitting to the front of the class. That is, the closer that someone sits to the class, the more they interact. This is a technique that I have to take advantage of because of my ADHD that I refuse to take medication for.

We also learned more about the Golden, well… everything, triangle, rectangle… Essentially meaning that everything can be divided into thirds and that is what makes it pretty.

There are a lot of videos to watch, and lordy, I hope that I can get to watching them all in conjunction with everything else!

I am SO ready to start in with pictures. It’s been years since I’ve been in a dark room and I miss it!

Until next time…


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