Assignment #12

Today’s class covered some material that we already covered, a review of DIfraction v. REfraction. We also learned about focal length, the distance between the perfect center of the lens and film. We learned what a Full Stop is, the increase of a full marking in the shutter speed or aperture (f-stop). We also learned how to control the light exposure by adjusting the shutter speed and or f-stop.

E.I., is the Exposure Index also called the ISO. The first light meter was invented in 1931. The LM has 3 modes. Average, which averages across the entire scene. Center Weighted, takes in just the center of the frame, both height and width. Spot is where it analyzes only  what appears in the crosshairs.

The f-16 rule is good to know for outside in the sunshine, or shooting from a shaded area on a sunny day whilst outside. You select f-16 and the shutter speed that is closest to your film speed. When you’re in the shade on a sunny day, adjust 5 full stops, it can be a combination of shutter speed and f-stop.

This is the most helpful photography class that I have taken. I started a class in early 2007, but dropped it when it was so technical that I couldn’t keep up and understand what I was supposed to be doing. I love how the professor, Prof. Seymour, will actually physically help us with understanding our camera and encourages us to ask questions and actually answers them in a manner that we can understand what he’s telling us.

We also took pictures in class with just the natural light coming through the large class window. We learned that we should take the picture 3 times, one at the setting recommended by the light meter, one full stop above and one full stop below. I am pretty excited to see what difference this makes in the pictures and have had to control myself from just shooting random pictures of my walls so that I can finish the roll and develop it! I’m actually really, really, really enjoying photography this time around actually knowing what my camera does and learning how to make it do what I want it to do!



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