Assignment #6 Pt 1

On Friday we worked with the natural lighting coming into the room from the large window. The fluorescent lighting was turned off and a subject posed resting on the podium in class. We learned that we should take a photo at the light meter reading, as well as one above and one below in an effort to obtain the most flattering picture of our subject, as well as telling the story that we wish to tell.

We learned that when taking this type of photo, to help ensure that the light meter is reading correctly, that we should stand near the window, but not have our camera in the window light. Also, we need to pay attention to the brightness or darkness of the background. This is because unless you change your camera settings, it (the light meter) will average all of the light in the frame and select the ISO & shutter speed based off of this information. If you have a very bright background as we did in class, it will likely darken your model/subject resulting in unflattering/unfavorable lighting, unless your purpose was to give a haunted or exhausted look to your model/subject.

We have not yet progressed to learning about studio lighting and so there will have to be a part 2 to this blog entry.

Until then!


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