Assignment #4

This video was shown in class, and was called ‘Fixing the Shadows’.

Abe Morel, his family and friends demonstrated the camera obscura, by turning an entire room into a camera obscura. First they placed what appears to be black plastic sheeting that is very thick with black tape to cover all the windows, so that no light would be allowed in; effectively creating a box. Abe then cut a small hole into one of the sheets to allow in a ‘tight beam of light’.

There was extreme detail in the photograph, there was an infinite field of view and you could even see movement of vehicles and people passing by. Like a smaller camera obscura that would be used to make an actual print, the image was upside down. You could even see color, though a camera obscura print is black and white and flipped as a negative; that is the darker on the print, the less color the actual object possessed and vice versa.

Abe then informs the audience that he does this in all of his classes and that even the most tech savvy are dumbfounded by the vibrancy and detail of the image.


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