Assignment #5

In class we watched ‘The Genius of Photography’ clip (0:00-2:50). This was about the comparison between the drawing that was made and the photograph that was taken. While the drawing was more of a quick sketch, the photograph eludes to more almost more than it illuminates. As the narrator points out, photography is about the frame, it is about what is in the frame. It tells a story and yet it leaves out details that are then left to the imagination of the viewer.

A photograph of a father holding his newborn son in the foreground, can also elude to an exhausted yet happy mother in the background. Though you can see them both and you have see smiles on their faces, you cannot know how hard/easy it was for them to get pregnant; how happy/overwhelmed the parents are, or even if they are the parents, maybe they’re just family members or maybe the photo is posed with models so that the photographer can take a pretty picture and they’re all thinking about how much they’re going to get paid and how they’re going to spend it.

Photographs may show extreme detail, but they also have a way of keeping secrets.


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