Assignment #14 & Lab#4

This assignment, Lab #4 has given me the most issues. I thought that I had performed this correctly, but after class today (2/12), I discovered that I now need to reshoot a few of my pictures. I did not properly take the Flat Light, but I’m pretty sure that I did the Back-light correctly, in fact I’ve got about 7 shots to chose from! But I also incorrectly performed the Raked Light, so I will need to re-take those as well.

At this point I feel very overwhelmed, but I know that I can catch back up and hopefully make a raging success of the class. I’ve always loved black and white pictures, so I’m really praying that I get the hang of this!

Additionally, I think that I have finally figured out how to relate the Hard lighting and soft-box to better compute/understand it. Hard lighting is very direct, it doesn’t get reflected off of something else, like soft-box, and it creates a more defined line between the light and the shadow, because soft-box is reflected off of so many angles, there is more than one shadow with differing tonal ranges, creating a line that is less defined and more ‘fuzzy’ if you will.

Harder light/lines create more drama, and can be more sinister if that is your aim. Soft-box lighting is better for portraiture because the light is nicer to the subject, not so harsh, and could almost be thought of as romantic.


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