Lab #7 Part 1

Today I was able to make my photogram finally. I chose to use my wedding band and my car key and FOB. I was surprised to see the detail of the ring. The light penetrated the diamonds in my band and thusly showed black, illuminating or making white only where the gold prongs and the band were. There was a little more variation in the FOB and key portion of the photogram, with the dipped in part where the keys are slid onto the ring being the only part that was a shade of grey and not just black or white.

I was also able to make my first test strip and contact sheets. I was not able to find a way to fit all 36 frames onto one sheet, so I had to make a second sheet, more like a 1/2 sheet. I also learned that 5 frames fit best per row, and have made a mental note for the next time that I develop a roll of film to ensure that I count the frames to minimize the number of single frames that I have. This also seems to be a bit of a slow going process, which worries me that I might have to try and work in more lab hours in addition to the ones that I have already signed up for. Either that or I need to get more proficient in the processes to speed up my time. So much of the lab portion today was spent asking our wonderful aid questions!

I was not able to complete or even start on the contrast portion of the lab and I’m now becoming worried that I am getting behind in the class. I hope that I can make more hours in the day and catch up by scheduling some hours with the professor. Not exactly sure why I am typing that here in the blog, but maybe it will help me to actually remember to do it!

Until next time!


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