Assignment #17

Today in class we talked about Depth of Field (DoF) and actually shot the pictures as well. DoF is affected by three variables… distance, focal length and aperture.

Focal length refers to the length, in millimeters (mm) between the film plane and the center of the lens, the closer the lens to the film plane the greater the DoF; the farther the film plane the more shallow the DoF. Distance refers to the distance to focus on the subject, the closer the lens the shallower the DoF; the farther the lens the greater the DoF. Aperture refers to the diameter of the opening of the lens to allow in light, the smaller it is the greater the DoF; the larger it is the more shallow it is. It is important to note that the pinhole camera has an infinite DoF.

Additionally, we watched the film excerpt on Jacques Henry LarTique, who was discovered as an adult for his photos taken from age 8-18. He was referred to as an ‘gifted amateur’, he was from a wealthy family whose father loved photography as well, and thusly had access to all the greatest equipment. His photos were described as ‘dynamic’, while his style ran the gambit it was once called ‘exuberant’ in the era of
Poe-faced’ ‘Pictorialism’.

We also watched the KODAK fiends excerpt describing the rise in popularity and access to film photography to the masses via George Eastman founder of Eastman Dry Plate, who introduced the first roll film camera in 1888, and then the first $1 affordable camera, called the Brownie.


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