Random Post about Film Enlargement

*SIGH* BIG HEAVY SIGH! I tried to go into the dark room today to work on some of the labs that I need to do and I swear, either my brain has become damaged or I have become a dark room idiot.

So I got everything set up, and I’ve looked through some of the old semesters portfolios and so I’ve seen where the other students did a test strip before enlarging, but they’re all so small, yet to make an enlargement we’re supposed to make a test strip first, well… how are those test strips not large since you’re supposed to make a new test strip every time that you change any of the settings on the enlarger? So I make these giant 8×10 test strips. I have a feeling that I missed something critical somewhere and have not been able to find it as of yet.

I cannot wait until next class so that I can get it all sorted out! Oh, but next class is our exam… hopefully someone will be there that can answer my questions and show me how to scan my negatives so that I can make the Power Point presentations that I need to make for the presentations due next Tuesday.

How I wish that there were simply more hours in the day, or maybe I should say how I wish that there were more daycare hours in the day since the professors lab hours are not compatible with daycare hours once you factor in the driving time as well.

Until next time!


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