Assignment #7

I have chosen three images that I liked for this assignment.

First, an image found in a copy of O magazine of Queen Latifa as the current face of COVERGIRL cosmetics. I like this picture because she seems less airbrushed and more realistic, they didn’t take out her pores or the scar on her forehead. Additionally, though it is beauty or soft box lighting, they did not have her directly facing the lighting, so there are still shadows giving depth.

Next I chose a photo of a woman, that when folded in half appears to actually be Bruce Springsteen but really reminds me of the Mona Lisa. Either the lighting was very effective and virtually unseen or they edited the picture, possibly by burning out the background so that all you see is her, her hair almost blending into the background.

Last I chose a closeup of what is presumably a woman’s eye. I like how you can see the ‘glint’ in her eye as well as off of the diamond ‘tear’. It is a very bright photo, though it could leave me to wonder if it is an eye makeup ad or a diamond add as extraneous items are used in the photo.


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