MidTerm Reflection

I thought that I would make a posting about how I feel and what I truly have learned thus far into the term. I’ve learned how to actually use my darn camera for one! I’m pretty happy about that I had always wondered what on earth the little -2 . -1 . 0 . 1 . 2 in the view finder and on the display was for! And now I am confident in saying that I know what it is for! To ensure that you have the proper exposure setting, the right shutter speed and aperture.

I’ve learned how to develop a roll of film, the importance of making a contact sheet and how to make enlargements. I’ve learned how to dodge & burn a photo to even out the exposure or focus the eye of the viewer where I want it to be.

I’ve also learned that it can be EXTREMELY time consuming to make a print and so one should always treat a finished print with care. I feel better able to appreciate the photographic work of others as a labor and not just a hobby that someone lucked into getting a job doing.

I’ve contemplated the possibility of someday setting up a dark room in my own home, since I can’t find any rental rooms near me without driving over an hour away! Though it is very expensive and I’ve always shown respect for the property of others, just how expensive it is further renews, and exemplifies just how important it is to take care of the equipment we are able to use on campus.


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