Class Meeting 3/5/2013

In class today we talked about White Balance and were provided with some guidance about finding it on our digital cameras so that we can capture Lab #11, White Balance. Due to weather constrictions, namely that we don’t have a sunny day with our pending snow storm to accompany all this crazy high wind.

Additionally, I’m faced with another small issue with the lab, I don’t know anyone that uses incandescent lighting in the home anymore, for energy efficiency, everyone I know buys CFL’s. I just might have to actually go to the store and buy some! LOL

After some aggravation I’ve figured out how to adjust the settings on my camera to find the color temperatures. We learned about the temp. of color, that it is actually measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The sun, provides 5500 K, while a strobe lighting provides a bluish tint is 6000 K.

We talked about how to use the RBG scale to compensate or adjust color of a digital photo and we also talked about Polarized lenses and their purpose. This was interesting because I hadn’t understood how they worked before, making the light only enter in an up and down motion, not the beams of light that are at any other angle. The lenses that you can use for your camera so that they will filter out the other angles of light are called Polaroid filters and come in many ‘shades’ or percents.


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