FINALLY some pictures for my photo essay!

Today I was finally able to get some photos in for my photo essay on veteran’s. My middle child was late to school as she had missed the bus and my car keys were no where to be found. Turns out this had to be divine intervention!

I passed one of the many local cemeteries and there stood one three men standing watch whilst one of their brothers or sisters in arms was laid to rest. I passed the cemetery a few times, trying to remember where I had seen the entrance and trying to think of what I would say to them. I knew right away that a funeral is a family and friends event, that I would immediately be seen as nothing but an intruder were I to walk up camera in hand and start snapping away.

Instead I decided to park and wait for the family to drive away, I after all wasn’t interested in photos of their loved ones casket, but of the veteran’s standing watch over their comrade. Once everyone left, I grabbed my camera, put on my jacket and walked right up to them. I introduced myself as Kate and informed them that I was doing a photo essay on veteran’s. Their faces lit up and I knew I was a shoe in already! I asked if they would mind if I took some pictures of them and they just asked that I wait for the rest of the guard members that were still in the little mausoleum. All chilled to the bone, all with covers and little while gloves they stood patiently and allowed me to photograph them as a group.

I asked for their contact information, and relayed that I would be more than willing to send them some of the prints. Now I’m pretty excited to get rolling on this photo essay, hopefully with more and different models to come!

Until then!


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