EPIC Failure

I’ve been out of classes for almost 2 weeks due to personal illness and children illness, so today I came in early ready to go! Full of drive, and now… a mere hour later I feel the crushing defeat of EPIC photography failure.

I had intended to develop a roll of film that I had already placed on a reel, but ran out of time to actually develop. But with all the time out, I had 2 and a half rolls. Pure genius struck me as I walked in and was determined to get everything completed and hand in my portfolio early today for extra credit. I spied an odd little piece of equipment that I knew I could use as an improvised star filter. So quickly grabbing my camera and the filter I ran outside, located the sun and snapped off the last 16 shots on my roll.

I then excitedly got into the darkroom and placed all THREE rolls onto rolls and then in a tripple canister… disaster soon struck. As I had asked the lab aid if there were any triple cans, I thought for sure that she would make mention of needing additional developer, stop, etc. Alas, partway into developing the rolls I became terrified and my anxiety kicked in. That’s right folks, you guessed it! I’ve ruined 1.5 rolls of perfectly good film, almost all shots were for my protfolio. I cannot go back up to NYC and re-shoot those images. They are forever lost to me and as a result my grade is sure to suffer.

I have experienced crushingly EPIC photographic failure…


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