Photography Carries On

Well, I’ve very happy that I’ve managed to get almost all of my portfolio completed. Just need to work on a few lingering labs and perfecting my photoessay. Looks like Friday is the day of the week this week.


EPIC Failure

I’ve been out of classes for almost 2 weeks due to personal illness and children illness, so today I came in early ready to go! Full of drive, and now… a mere hour later I feel the crushing defeat of EPIC photography failure.

I had intended to develop a roll of film that I had already placed on a reel, but ran out of time to actually develop. But with all the time out, I had 2 and a half rolls. Pure genius struck me as I walked in and was determined to get everything completed and hand in my portfolio early today for extra credit. I spied an odd little piece of equipment that I knew I could use as an improvised star filter. So quickly grabbing my camera and the filter I ran outside, located the sun and snapped off the last 16 shots on my roll.

I then excitedly got into the darkroom and placed all THREE rolls onto rolls and then in a tripple canister… disaster soon struck. As I had asked the lab aid if there were any triple cans, I thought for sure that she would make mention of needing additional developer, stop, etc. Alas, partway into developing the rolls I became terrified and my anxiety kicked in. That’s right folks, you guessed it! I’ve ruined 1.5 rolls of perfectly good film, almost all shots were for my protfolio. I cannot go back up to NYC and re-shoot those images. They are forever lost to me and as a result my grade is sure to suffer.

I have experienced crushingly EPIC photographic failure…


I’m feeling very frustrated with trying to accomplish what feels like so much for the end of class. I’ve thankfully managed to finally get into my SkyDrive so that I could post the already completed end of the semester non-visual communication. I had already previously uploaded the White Balance Lab that is due tomorrow. The frustration comes with trying to pick my ‘favorite’ composition and frame it when I feel as if I’ve barely gotten started! Yes, I’ve developed about 5 rolls of film not counting the almost failure of the AGFAPan roll. Yet I don’t truly feel a connection to any photo that I’ve had success enlarging. I have a ‘settle for’ print, but I’m really hoping against hope that I can get an enlargement made today that I approve of, that I feel a deeper connection to… once that speaks on it’s own, tells it’s own story.

Double Exposure/Strobe Lab

Unfortunately my film order did not arrive in time to actually shoot these photos. I’m really hoping to make it up during one of the makeup labs. I found it rather interesting that by using a strobe and eliminating all other light sources that you can create a double exposure. This is excellent since my camera automatically fully rewinds the film, and so I am not able to create a double exposure by simply reloading my film.

Sepia Toning Lab & Star Filter Lab

Today in class we talked about Sepia toning. I found it interesting that you actually use bleach, not household though, to take off the already developed image and then go through all of the sepia steps to re-fix the image in a sepia tone. I did notice after the fact, that we are supposed to make two of these for our portfolio, and so I’m going to have to make another tomorrow since I’m not willing to use one of the images that I’ve already made for the mid-term.

I also asked about the modified Star Filter extra credit lab, and was surprised to learn that I can make these images with a simple piece of screen from one of my already broken window screens. I’m looking forward to a sunny day to take these photos.

Lab #8 & Assignment #20

I was very frustrated trying to complete this lab. I tried to do it 3 times before I finally got the photos to turn out the way that I wanted, but I’m still worried that the professor will not approve of them, especially the -1 filter. I’m pretty sure that the +3 & +5 filter prints came out the way that they were supposed to, or at least satisfactorily. I’m thinking about reprinting the -1 filter, but I’m not yet sure if I can get into the dark room with the what is certain to be a crush of students trying to finish their portfolios.