Class Meeting 3/5/2013

In class today we talked about White Balance and were provided with some guidance about finding it on our digital cameras so that we can capture Lab #11, White Balance. Due to weather constrictions, namely that we don’t have a sunny day with our pending snow storm to accompany all this crazy high wind.

Additionally, I’m faced with another small issue with the lab, I don’t know anyone that uses incandescent lighting in the home anymore, for energy efficiency, everyone I know buys CFL’s. I just might have to actually go to the store and buy some! LOL

After some aggravation I’ve figured out how to adjust the settings on my camera to find the color temperatures. We learned about the temp. of color, that it is actually measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The sun, provides 5500 K, while a strobe lighting provides a bluish tint is 6000 K.

We talked about how to use the RBG scale to compensate or adjust color of a digital photo and we also talked about Polarized lenses and their purpose. This was interesting because I hadn’t understood how they worked before, making the light only enter in an up and down motion, not the beams of light that are at any other angle. The lenses that you can use for your camera so that they will filter out the other angles of light are called Polaroid filters and come in many ‘shades’ or percents.


MidTerm Reflection

I thought that I would make a posting about how I feel and what I truly have learned thus far into the term. I’ve learned how to actually use my darn camera for one! I’m pretty happy about that I had always wondered what on earth the little -2 . -1 . 0 . 1 . 2 in the view finder and on the display was for! And now I am confident in saying that I know what it is for! To ensure that you have the proper exposure setting, the right shutter speed and aperture.

I’ve learned how to develop a roll of film, the importance of making a contact sheet and how to make enlargements. I’ve learned how to dodge & burn a photo to even out the exposure or focus the eye of the viewer where I want it to be.

I’ve also learned that it can be EXTREMELY time consuming to make a print and so one should always treat a finished print with care. I feel better able to appreciate the photographic work of others as a labor and not just a hobby that someone lucked into getting a job doing.

I’ve contemplated the possibility of someday setting up a dark room in my own home, since I can’t find any rental rooms near me without driving over an hour away! Though it is very expensive and I’ve always shown respect for the property of others, just how expensive it is further renews, and exemplifies just how important it is to take care of the equipment we are able to use on campus.

Assignment #16

Processing the film itself seems to be fairly straightforward and I know that when I plan to develop a roll that it will take me about 45 minutes. It’s making the endless test strips, to try and make the best enlargement possible that drives me almost mad!

It is a process, I will give anyone that advice, but it can also be very frustrating to try and get a print to come out the way that you want sometimes. Sometimes in order to get the details that you want to show, you end up with no real black in the frame and sometimes you can’t get rid of the black no matter what you do, I can spend 2 hours just trying to get 1 enlargement to turn out the way that I want, and sometimes, I I can get it right the very first time!

Assignment #7

I have chosen three images that I liked for this assignment.

First, an image found in a copy of O magazine of Queen Latifa as the current face of COVERGIRL cosmetics. I like this picture because she seems less airbrushed and more realistic, they didn’t take out her pores or the scar on her forehead. Additionally, though it is beauty or soft box lighting, they did not have her directly facing the lighting, so there are still shadows giving depth.

Next I chose a photo of a woman, that when folded in half appears to actually be Bruce Springsteen but really reminds me of the Mona Lisa. Either the lighting was very effective and virtually unseen or they edited the picture, possibly by burning out the background so that all you see is her, her hair almost blending into the background.

Last I chose a closeup of what is presumably a woman’s eye. I like how you can see the ‘glint’ in her eye as well as off of the diamond ‘tear’. It is a very bright photo, though it could leave me to wonder if it is an eye makeup ad or a diamond add as extraneous items are used in the photo.

Lab #8 & Assignment #20

I was very frustrated trying to complete this lab. I tried to do it 3 times before I finally got the photos to turn out the way that I wanted, but I’m still worried that the professor will not approve of them, especially the -1 filter. I’m pretty sure that the +3 & +5 filter prints came out the way that they were supposed to, or at least satisfactorily. I’m thinking about reprinting the -1 filter, but I’m not yet sure if I can get into the dark room with the what is certain to be a crush of students trying to finish their portfolios.

Random Post about Film Enlargement

*SIGH* BIG HEAVY SIGH! I tried to go into the dark room today to work on some of the labs that I need to do and I swear, either my brain has become damaged or I have become a dark room idiot.

So I got everything set up, and I’ve looked through some of the old semesters portfolios and so I’ve seen where the other students did a test strip before enlarging, but they’re all so small, yet to make an enlargement we’re supposed to make a test strip first, well… how are those test strips not large since you’re supposed to make a new test strip every time that you change any of the settings on the enlarger? So I make these giant 8×10 test strips. I have a feeling that I missed something critical somewhere and have not been able to find it as of yet.

I cannot wait until next class so that I can get it all sorted out! Oh, but next class is our exam… hopefully someone will be there that can answer my questions and show me how to scan my negatives so that I can make the Power Point presentations that I need to make for the presentations due next Tuesday.

How I wish that there were simply more hours in the day, or maybe I should say how I wish that there were more daycare hours in the day since the professors lab hours are not compatible with daycare hours once you factor in the driving time as well.

Until next time!

Assignment #17

Today in class we talked about Depth of Field (DoF) and actually shot the pictures as well. DoF is affected by three variables… distance, focal length and aperture.

Focal length refers to the length, in millimeters (mm) between the film plane and the center of the lens, the closer the lens to the film plane the greater the DoF; the farther the film plane the more shallow the DoF. Distance refers to the distance to focus on the subject, the closer the lens the shallower the DoF; the farther the lens the greater the DoF. Aperture refers to the diameter of the opening of the lens to allow in light, the smaller it is the greater the DoF; the larger it is the more shallow it is. It is important to note that the pinhole camera has an infinite DoF.

Additionally, we watched the film excerpt on Jacques Henry LarTique, who was discovered as an adult for his photos taken from age 8-18. He was referred to as an ‘gifted amateur’, he was from a wealthy family whose father loved photography as well, and thusly had access to all the greatest equipment. His photos were described as ‘dynamic’, while his style ran the gambit it was once called ‘exuberant’ in the era of
Poe-faced’ ‘Pictorialism’.

We also watched the KODAK fiends excerpt describing the rise in popularity and access to film photography to the masses via George Eastman founder of Eastman Dry Plate, who introduced the first roll film camera in 1888, and then the first $1 affordable camera, called the Brownie.

Before Class…

So today I arrived early to the dark room and had it all to myself, which was quite nice if I do say so myself! There’s something to be said for there not being another 20 students trying to get the same thing done!

I was able to open and reel my roll in under 4 minutes! I got my film nice and developed, but then I stuttered over trying to get the contrast lab completed… I will have to talk to the professor and get a handle on that! Hopefully he will be in for office hours, as I really hate being behind!

Until then!